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Re-Create the “No more secrets”-Effect from “Sneakers” (1992) in Mac OS X 10.11

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1. Install Homebrew
2. Install ncurses
3. Make your Standalone Executable “nms”
4. Read this! Sorry Unix Fans, El Capitan kills Root
5. Put your nms-File from Step 3 in this Folder: /usr/local/bin/
6. Execute with this command: ls -alst | /usr/local/bin/nms

Download Demo Movie, 0:22 min, 5,7 MB

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Apple Internet Server Solution (1995)

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Die Apple Internet Server Solution (AISS) ist ein Software-Paket, das eine Server-Anwendung beinhaltete, WebSTAR 1.0, und einige Tools für HTML, Skripte sowie einen Webbrowser, Netscape Navigator 1.1.
Hier die vollständige Software-Liste von dem Manual:

WebSTAR 1.0 (formerly MacHTTP 3.0)
the most widely used Mac-OS-based Web server system, provides the software necessary to serve yor documents on the internet.

Netscape Navigator 1.1 lets you browse materials on your server and on the internet and it also gives you a reader's view of the pages yo produce.

BBEdit 3.1 is a reliable and straightforward tool for producing documents in HTML-the standard language for Web pages.

Adobe Acrobat Pro produces documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) for greater control over page appearence than HTML allows, while maintaining the hypertext link facilities users expect.

AppleSearch 1.5 is an easy-to-use tool for creating searchable databases of unstructured information (such a reports, journal articles, or correspondence) on your Web server.

WebMap is a program for creating clickable maps. These maps, which ar graphics containing hypertext links, are a great way to condense information into graphical form.

CGIs (Common Gateway Interfaces) are easy-to-use programs that let you connect a wide variety of software to your WebSTAR server. The CD-ROM includes CGI software for
-Butler SQL
-FileMaker Pro
-Clickable maps

AppleScript is a powerful object-oriented scripting language designed to let non-programmers script program-to-program communications, which makes it the perfect tool for modifying and creating CGI scripts.

Installation Manual, PDF